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Quarterly$29/qtr ($9.66/m)

Yearly$96/year ($8/m)

Or the best value!

$144 for 2 years = $6/m


Quarterly$17.40 /qtr ($5.80/m)

Yearly$57.60/year ($4.80/m)

Or the best value!

$86.40 for 2 years = $3.60/m

  • AU Business Package
  • Disk Space:2G
  • Traffic:4Gig/m
  • Unlimited email accounts
    3 MySQL databases,
    up to 20 subdomains
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AU Personal

  • Disk Space:200Mb
  • Traffic:500Mb/m
  • 5 email accounts
  • 0 MySQL Database
  • 0 Sub domains
  • CloudLinux
    • Monthly$18.00
    • Quarterly$51.60/qtr ($17.20/m)
    • Yearly$172.80/year ($14.40/m)
    • Or the best value!
    • $259.20 for 2 years = $10.80/m
    • Monthlyn/a
    • Quarterlyn/a
    • Yearly
      $38.00/year ($3.16/m)
    • Or the best value!
    • $58.00 for 2 years = $2.42/m
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AU Enterprise

  • Disk Space:6G
  • Traffic:8Gig/m
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 6 MySQL databases
  • 30 sub domains
  • CloudLinux
    • Monthly$20
    • Quarterly$57/qtr ($19/m)
    • Yearly$192/year ($16/m)
    • Or the best value!
    • $288 for 2 years = $12/m
    • Monthly$12.00
    • Quarterly$34.20/qtr ($11.40/m)
    • Yearly$115.20/year ($9.60/m)
    • Or the best value!
    • $172.80 for 2 years = $7.20/m
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AU Corporate

  • Disk Space:12G
  • Traffic:16Gig/m
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 10 MySQL Databases
  • 40 sub domains
  • CloudLinux
    • Monthly$30
    • Quarterly$86/qtr ($28.66/m)
    • Yearly$288/year ($24/m)
    • Or the best value!
    • $432 for 2 years = $18/m
    • Monthly$18.00
    • Quarterly$51.60/qtr ($17.20/m)
    • Yearly$172.80/year ($14.40/m)
    • Or the best value!
    • $259.20 for 2 years = $10.80/m
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AU Platinum

  • Disk Space:30G
  • Traffic:40Gig/m
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited sub domains
  • 99 Addon and Park domains
  • CloudLinux
    • Monthly$50
    • Quarterly$143/qtr ($47.66/m)
    • Yearly$480/year ($40/m)
    • Or the best value!
    • $720 for 2 years = $30/m
    • Monthly$30.00
    • Quarterly$85.80/qtr ($28.60/m)
    • Yearly$288.00/year ($24.00/m)
    • Or the best value!
    • $432.00 for 2 years = $18.00/m

Linux Hosting— For The Best Compatibility, Stability And Security

Trust the operating system that the professionals use. Our Linux hosting is one of Australia’s most robust and stable web services. Don’t trust your data to unstable systems, get nothing but the very best in customisation, security and stability.

We are proud to offer some of the best deals in Australia for Linux hosting. With prices starting at $4.80 per month for unlimited email accounts, 20 subdomains and 2 GB of disk space, we have the perfect way to start your shift to Linux hosting.

Our business offers up to a ferocious 30 GB of disk space and 40 GB of traffic for our largest clients at one of the lowest price points in the industry. With discounts of up to 20 per cent for quarterly or annual billing, there’s no reason not to go with Hosting Bay’s Linux option for your next project. Sign up now to take advantage of these extremely low prices and lock them in for the next year!


Why Hosting Bay?

Hosting Bay is an Australian-owned, Melbourne-based company, meaning that we run on your clock. When your website goes down, know that you’ll have the fastest response possible. We are proud of to guarantee 99.8% up-time and attribute our excellent record to peerless customer service and proper planning. We have two hours of back-up power and over 80 hours of fuel for a quick-start generator, because we’re passionate about keeping your company online. Whether you’re contacting us for Wordpress, cPanel or VPS hosting, know you’re making the right decision.

Don’t worry about staying online, and focus on making your presence the best it can be. A contract with Australia’s Hosting Bay for our Linux service gives you peace of mind to concentrate on growing your business. Leave the nuts and bolts to us. Contact our Abbotsford location with any questions you may have or to make an inquiry for any of our services. Call on 9417 3368 or email at support@hostingbay.com.au to find out what your web experience could be like!

    Add on Products

  • Bandwidth:$3/1Gig
  • Add on/ Park domain:$20/year, $3/m
  • Dedicated IP:$50/year, $5/m
  • 3 databases:$20/year


  • $130/ 1year: $80(SSL fee) + installation fee ($50)
  • $160/ 2years : $160 (SSL fee) + Free installation
  • Enterprise level virus scan: $50
  • Joomla/WP security bug scan:$50